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DK* CountryCats Runaway Dream

DK*CountryCats Runaway Dream


                                    Color: black silver cl.tabby with white - bicolor 

gen.HCM N/N

When I saw this girl first time - it was Love at first sight.... So one wonderful Treasure, with perfect head - perfect, massive and strong box, chin and profile.... very good placed and big ears..... With beautiful long, massive body, fantastic cout and super long XXL tail - simply "DREAM".... so one beauty wanted from my heart have.....

Many many thanks, from deep of my heart to you my dear Merethe for this Treasure - Runy, for your friendship and for your trust..... Many thanks.
Wild Obsessions Jerry Sailosort-mc.-tabby Wild Obsessions Watchman

sort spotted tabby

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bicolour sortsilver btch. tabby hvdi

Timita Nemo

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