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IC Usambara of Baydar‚DE

IC.Usambara of Baydar*DE

DOB: 11.05.2010

Color: blue-tortie/white

gen. HCM N/N

screening HCM, PKD - negative

Wooowww..... It was only one that could think when I found this little Princess .... She was 3 weeks old and has sooo beautiful colors..... Blue and creme boundedly colours spots on white fell

I dont´know into wich of beauty she will grove....

Soooo beautiful odd eyed girl, with very nice blue eye, perfect profile, large muzzle, very strong chin, big and very good setting ears.... add long tail with very nice colours....

This is our jewel – Usa.....

Big thanks to you Brigitte, for this one and only - my sweet Princess.....

Pillowtalk´s Laser, DE


CoolMotion´s Angel - Sky


Pillowtalk´s Xtro Energie, DE

Faricoon Cadilac, PL

Pillowtalk´s Endless Love, DE

Timberhills Chelsea

CH Kithara´s Madison

CH Wilderland American Beauty

CoolMotion´s USA

black tortie smoke / white

Anscho of the Iwersen

CH.Int. Zulu of Koi Pond

CH Beauty Cat´s Petit Grace

Pillowtalk´s Que Sera Sera

Rushcutter´s Brave Heart

Pillowtalk´s Xternety

CH Kyrana vom Maiwinkel, CH

blue tortie/white

Lachtetals Bluebberry

blue smoke

Top Gun de Sulena de Tengri´Nor

CH Roi-Lion de Sulena de Tengri´Nor

CH Rumba de Sulena de Tengri´Nor

Bearnice von Thie-Cats

Lachtetals J-Summernights Dream

Pahokee´s Kikapoo

El Eisra vom Maiwinkel

black classic torbie/white

El Gringo of Baydar

CH Amerikan Beautys Mephisto of Baydar

Rhapsody in Blue of Baydar
blue classic torbie/white

Josephine Baker of Baydar

CH American Beautys Mephisto of Baydar

Valentine Sweet of Baydar